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Meet Thailand’s Number One TEFL Course Provider (accredited by the Ministry of Education since 1997), having trained over 3,400 successful professional teachers, teaching in over 30 countries worldwide. Read more to see whey this course this is right for you.


The TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course: To Start a New Career Teaching ESL and EFL, you need TEFL Course Training!

Are you getting a bit bored with life in the West? Would you like to do something useful with your life which, at the same time, will benefit thousands of others? If so, we would like to encourage you to start a new life teaching English in the "Land of Smiles" (or elsewhere, in a place of your choice) as a fully qualified English teacher in demand by quality schools that pay good salaries and benefits!

If this appeals to you, there is no better time to start than now, even if you feel that English may not have been your best subject in school. After completing our course, you will be in demand for teaching jobs available both in Thailand and around the world – hundreds of them, thousands of them, tens of thousands of jobs needing qualified teachers to fill them! If you have the slightest doubt about this, just check out what you find when you click on the following links. (WARNING! It may take you a full week, 24/7, just to view all the different jobs available across the world right now; and, by the time you finish, many of these will have been taken and thousands more become available!).

If you remain and teach in Thailand, and secure a full-time teaching position, you may also be able to get a teacher's license and work permit (if you hold a university degree, of course) or an education visa, to avoid wasting both time and money going on visa runs.

Finally, if you are already teaching, but experiencing limited opportunities and income and feeling you could be doing a lot better job at teaching, make yourself indispensable! The truth is that just being an English native speaker is not enough to be an effective EFL teacher. And if you are the kind of person who, no matter what kind of work you are doing, always likes to do it to the very peak of his/her ability, our TEFL for Target Learner Groups course is for you. There are not enough trained teachers to meet the demands of quality schools. The whole world will open up to you if you become one! (It will also close up on you, if you don't, as more and more these days, it's becoming nearly impossible in Thailand (or anywhere else) to get a well-paid English teaching position with a quality school which cares about both its students and its teachers, unless you have obtained a formal TEFL qualification such as the one we provide first.

Certainly, with our accredited and numbered TEFL certificate, you can be sure of getting a teaching offer from a quality school offering security and good pay, our own school included; and getting a teacher's license and work permit for Thailand is also made easier, once you have selected a school to work for.

Once you start your career, you can expect to be earning between 30,000 to 50,000 baht a month in Bangkok, perhaps a bit less in the provinces where it costs less to live anyway.

Whether you teach here in Thailand or abroad, you can be assured that, with the Certificate from our course, you will be able to obtain attractive job offers from excellent quality schools, and will not need to take the first (less attractive and unstable) job offer that comes your way. So, should you leave Thailand to teach elsewhere, you are virtually certain to obtain good work there. As for our school, we'd like to keep you teaching for us if we can, as we normally need between 70 and 90 teachers. However, we cannot hire everyone we train, and numerous quality schools approach us regularly expressing their admiration for our training course and requesting that our graduates be sent to them for hiring interviews. So your job opportunities are excellent in Thailand, whether you teach for our own school or not, or whether they are at one of the schools we just referred to or not.

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All About the TEFL for Target Learner Groups Certificate Course!

Is it for you? Do you want to learn how to provide the gift of English to people 
learning English as a second or foreign language? 
Would you enjoy a teaching career here in Thailand (the 'Land of Smiles) 
or anywhere else in the world where you might be needed? 
Can you qualify? Can you afford the fees?
A million other things you want to know? 
Find the answers here!

It is anticipated that the information you may need to know about our TEFL Certificate 
program includes both questions and concerns, as well as what to do and bring with you 
before you arrive, all of which is covered below.

How long has this TEFL Certificate Course been conducted in Thailand, and what makes it different from other courses? The TEFL Course of TEXT-AND-TALK Academy was the very first such course conducted in Thailand, and has been ongoing for the past sixteen years — with improvements having been made continually, to keep training 'state of the art' in terms of international standards. Our course also is totally unique from others in two important ways: first, it presents a unique technique of rapidly uncovering students' English learning problems, no matter in what part of the world one might be teaching; and, secondly, it self-contains a complete Teaching English to Young Learners Course, to prepare our graduates to not only teach adults professionally, but also effectively to children — and so pick up the most lucrative teaching jobs that are available!

Is the course accredited, and will I be able to teach English in other countries? Our course is fully accredited, and preferred by, by the Thailand Ministry of Education, and our numbered certificate is highly prized and accepted by schools and universities all across the world, with graduates currently teaching in over 30 other countries besides Thailand.

How long is the course, and what are the training hours? Our 120-hour course runs for four weeks because there is so much to learn, and also because we want to develop effective teachers without causing undue stress. Training is thus conducted six hours per day, five days per week (Monday through Friday) except for days of observed teaching practice. Training is normally conducted from 09.00 hours to 16.00 hours.

Will you help me get a visa for Thailand, and what kind of visa will I need? You will not need our assistance to get a visa! You should contact a Thai consulate online and acquire a two-month tourist visa, which can easily be extended here by one month; or, if you prefer a bit of a 'cushion', you can get a double-entry visa that will ensure your first six months of stay in Thailand.

How much are the course fees, and are there any discounts? If you have not trained in a tefl course previously, the complete course fee is $1,495.00 USD. However, if you have previously attended a full-time course of at least 100 hours, the complete fee is just $1,065.00 USD; or for less than 100 hours, $1,285.00 USD; and if you have previously completed a course with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, the complete fee is just $970.00 USD.

Note that these fees include all training and materials charges, as well as your end-of-course certificate and other documents. However, if you have previously attended another tefl course, you will need to present your course completion certificate to us as evidence.

Finally, if two or more trainees enroll and pay their fees at the same time, each trainee is indeed entitled to a $95.00 USD fee discount, regardless of whether they have studied a different course in the past of not.

But what about if you are already teaching and would like to do the course anyway? Easy, just study at home at your own pace! 

Full info here, including the lower course fee! 

And you can enroll right here!

The important question is: Will I definitely be able to get a job after completing the course? If so, how long will it take me to get a job? Yes, upon your successful completion of our tefl certificate course, we guarantee that you will get work or your course fees will be refunded. At the same time, you will need to show that you have genuinely been seeking work as outlined here: Guaranteed Job. In addition to this, we enthusiastically give you a great deal of assistance about where jobs may currently be available. In short, the critical shortage in Thailand of tefl-trained teachers makes you basically a 'shoo-in' for acquiring a good teaching job here! Generally, you will have a good job within 2-3 weeks after completing your course, and often sooner if you search hard enough,

In what locations are the classes conducted? We conduct training classes in the same way, and by the same high standard, in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand. Note below the training location and map pages for each of our sites:

BANGKOK : Bangkok Location Map
PATTAYA : Pattaya Location Map

How do I reserve my place in a scheduled training class, and how I can I get enrolled in order to reserve that? You should check our training schedule (Class Start-up Dates), then enroll here: Enroll. On the enrollment page, you may pay fees either in full or in part, and can pay either by Visa, MasterCard or bank transfer. Upon our receipt of payment, you will be notified by us and/or our bank, and you will be included in the selected training class and location.

Do I need to have a university degree and teaching experience in order to attend the course and work in Thailand? You do not need to have either a university degree or prior teaching experience to attend our course, or then to acquire a teaching job. Do note, below, the information about work permits, however.

What are the requirements for getting a work permit, and how can I get one? Will I need one before I can teach? If not, will I be paid a smaller salary if I don't have one? Technically, in order to teach in Thailand, a university degree is required. However, owing to the critical shortage of tefl-trained teachers hers, you will be able to teach without one — nor will you be paid less, typically, than other teachers who possess one. At the same time, however, you will need to sign up for a low-cost Thai language course and by doing that acquire an education visa, to ensure that you will not have to leave teaching classes untaught while going on a 'visa run'.

(For the record, literally thousands of tefl-trained teachers work here without a work permit in this way, and many are raising families here!)

Of course, if you do hold a university degree, your employer will simply convert your tourist visa to a non-immigrant B visa and get you your work permit. Problem solved!

My grammar is not very good, and my writing skills are also not so good. Will that be a problem? You do not have to be either a grammarian or a writer in order to succeed as an English teacher. However, you will need to learn some valuable techniques, and the special rules which are presented in our course, so that neither you nor your students will be embarrassed by your, shall we say, "F. Scott Fitzgerald" spelling (or other) handicap!

I am not an English native speaker. Can I qualify to attend this course, and can I get work after I complete it? If you are good in English, you certainly do not need to be a native speaker! Some of our own best EFL teachers have come from such countries as The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, India, the Philippines and elsewhere. However, you should hold a university degree before doing our course and possess good skills in both oral and written communications.

What do I need to bring with me to Thailand? You should bring the originals of your education certificates and diplomas, along with the transcripts. (You should not, however, leave these originals with anyone, anywhere, to prevent their loss.) These documents will show, along with our TEFL certificate, your educational qualifications and your suitability for teaching English.

Do I need to study any books or other materials before I start class? No, except for the bag of course materials that we present to you, along with a pad of paper and a pen, or two, that works.

Are there suitable accommodations near the school which are both secure and affordable? And will I have access to the Internet there? Yes, we have excellent accommodations near our academy and training locations which are both safe and affordable, with Internet capability available either within or nearby.

Special Offers

If two or more trainees enroll and pay their fees at the same time, each trainee is indeed entitled to a $95.00 USD fee discount, regardless of whether they have studied a different course in the past of not.