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Íbero TEFL is a small professional organization, with two decades of TEFL TESOL industry experience based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded by academically distinguished Argentinian owners. With international agreements with US and UK universities, private organisms and agencies, Íbero TEFL provides continuous support to TEFL trainees, who have free lifetime access to the Jobs Centre. Our organization is rooted deeply in the belief that if you can speak English, you can teach it! Íbero TEFL is the most accredited TEFL provider in Argentina as well as an award winning company that has trained and sent thousands of TEFL teachers abroad. Our TEFL trainees will receive the highest standard of TEFL training throughout the transition to becoming an English language teacher; from a detailed TEFL course content to extensive support from our experts.


ÍBERO TEFL Certificate Program

The ÍBERO TEFL Certificate Program gives students the qualification needed to teach English as a foreign language worldwide.
The course consists of 120 hours of coursework with ten hours devoted to in-class teaching practice.

Our program

The TEFL course is broken up into 4 week sections.  The first two weeks introduce, teach and prepare you to implement various methods of teaching.  During this time you will also review the foundations of English grammar, and analyze grammatical structures of the language which are commonly overlooked by native English speakers.  The final two weeks will build on the knowledge that was introduced in the beginning of the course and solidify your understanding of the course content through teaching observations and practice sessions. You will be able to observe and teach different levels and dynamics of classrooms such as beginner, intermediate and advanced in group and/or private settings.

Trainees will be able to develop their English language teaching skills and also they will gain valuable experience and knowledge while experiencing new cultures.  They will graduate with the skills and resources needed to be successful in any type of English as a Second or Foreign Language class. They will learn how to present English dynamic lessons using the latest and most cutting edge language methodologies with the confidence and ability to teach students of any nationality. After graduation, TEFL students will receive job placement as well. ÍBERO TEFL trainees will focus on these six major areas:


Six major areas

Special Offers

2018 Special TEFL Course Price, SPECIAL OFFER (website price)

1540 USD

No registration fee

Job Placement and Materials included