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We know you have a lot of agencies to choose from, and a plethora of options for your TEFL certification. We know this because we were in your shoes not too long ago, scouring the world wide web for the best possible option. We finally chose one that felt easy, informative and affordable, but it wasn’t perfect. In the end, we wound up teaching English abroad, living a life we had dreamed of for years, and coming back changed. We had so many memorable, unique, life-altering experiences during our time abroad, and now our goal is to help everybody who shares this dream turn it into a reality – the best way we know how.


We currently have two options for TEFl certification in Thailand, with courses in Chiang Mai and Krabi, each offering job placement shortly after. Most of our graduates are placed within a week of graduating. We work with government and private schools, preschool through high school, all around the country, and you could be placed anywhere where there's a need at the time of your graduation. Both of our Thailand courses are three-week (140-hour) TEFL certifications with required practicums (both in a school and in an English camp for varied experience). They are internationally recognized and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, so they're accepted in 80+ countries around the world, and the premium course option includes lodging and breakfast as well as airport pickup and all course materials.

Also included are weekend excursions such as hiking and island hopping, a welcome party, Thai language course and lovely training centers. The courses provide cultural immersion as well as information about history, culture and what it's like to teach specifically in the Thai classroom, all while exploring the city of your choice with teachers from around the world. The Chiang Mai course begins on the first Monday of each month, and Krabi starts on the first Monday of March, April and October.

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